Our vision

NOAH was born having one thing in mind: to design and create the NEW.

We create the most beautiful and innovative watches using an unconventional material: WOOD.
It all started when we realized that vision is a gift we have and this vision was soon to be transformed into a couple of watch designs. Since we had the idea and the sketches, we took a leap of faith based on a friend’s words: "The idea is what matters; if you have the idea, there is nothing to stop you from creating the final product."
Well, he wasn't wrong; and for that matter, neither was the path we chose, for it was to be anything but easy. And so, two years later we touched the first completed watch and … what a moment that was!
We want to give everyone the chance to own a stunning 100% natural wood watch with the NOAH touch. We work hard on every watch we send out there as it takes more than 4 days to complete one product. Every watch is handcrafted and every customer can customize it in their very own style.
We believe we can improve our craftsmanship in such a way that all the weaknesses people see in wood will vanish with the first NOAH product they get. IOSIF & RUBEN

Our brand is all about quality.
We know about wood’s weaknesses and flaws; but its stunning beauty made us combine craftsmanship and modern technique, thus resulting a more durable wood yet with the same aesthetic qualities. Not only do we want to produce watches that will be breathtaking, but create an entire wearable collection which, combined with your needs, add up to a new style in jewellery.