Guild MEMBER edition
Guild MEMBER edition
Guild MEMBER edition
Guild MEMBER edition
Guild MEMBER edition
Guild MEMBER edition
Guild MEMBER edition

    Guild MEMBER edition

    1.350 lei

      This watch has a beautiful story, not only because it’s handcrafted by our team but because it's the first time in our history when somebody else came up with the idea of the watch. 

      Horatiu, a good friend of mine and a Guild member, came up with the idea of making a Guild watch. But not only a Guild watch, but a custom-built Guild watch with a very powerful story. 

      He told me that it would be nice to make a watch out of Terebinth wood. 


      The Bible tells us about Christians that are like terebinths. Trees of righteousness.

      Horatiu did a quick check on this tree, and it seems that people plant this tree on very weak soil.

      His roots consolidate the soil in such a way that other plants or trees can grow and develop. 

      In the same way, the Guild's mission is to create good soil, a healthy platform on which business-related people can grow and develop in a healthy and sustainable way.

      This is why the Gild's watch logo is a ROOT and the motto engraved on the back of the watch is " Together we make a bigger impact"


      The watch is available in 2 dimensions - 41 mm for ladies and 45 mm for men, with two strap colors - black and blue.

      The watch is also available in:
      - a limited edition collection - only 50 pcs with a gold element
      - a Guild membership edition - unlimited.

      We're a part of nature.

      We are looking for warm, organic materials and we tend to run away from cold ones.
      This is how the NOAH - Original collection was born. A watch that brings customers the warm touch of nature.

      The exotic wood brought from all over the world offers a wide range of textures, colors and scents, providing a great base for our cases and dials.
      These gorgeous materials allow us to create a watch that is so easy you will not feel it on your wrist, a watch will offer the same comfort in cold weather as in the warm one. It will surely attract the looks of those around you.

      Unique, natural and highly versatile, the NOAH original will always be different. It will give you a sense of pride and belonging as it's handcrafted in the heart of Transylvania.

      Material: 100% Natural Wood
      Glass: Sapphire Glass
      Movement: Swiss Ronda cal. 705/775 GP
      Strap: Calf Leather
      Weight: 30g
      Box: Solid Ash Wood